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Scholarship Form



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Procedures for Application

(Please read the following instructions carefully before filling in the form)
1. Please type clearly. Please use BLOCK LETTERS
2. Type your name in full as it appears in your NRIC.
3. Certified copies of relevant documents must be attached.
4. Only Malaysian citizens are eligible to apply aged between 17-34 years old
5. This Scholarship is intended for SPM leavers and other equivalent qualification.
6. This scholarship holder must take up the scholarship in the intake for which it is offered
7. For further enquiries, please WhatsApp +6019 605 5829.

Applicant must enclose certified copies of the following documents

Section 1. Personal Data

Section 2. Family Data

Section 3. Personal Statement

Section 4. Program Selection

Section 5. Types of Scholarships

Please tick(/) the applicable category (one only)

Section 6. Agreement and Declaration of Scholarships & Awards

  1. Open to only new Malaysian students/ applicants that have never studied in MTI College.
  2. All applications are subjected to the terms and conditions herewith.
  3. Applicants must meet the performance criteria as stated in each category of scholarship before an offer of award can be made. Applicants who do not qualify will be automatically disqualified without prior verbal or written notice.
  4. Only the most current qualifications (both academic and co-curricular) can be considered for the scholarship or award, unless approved by the Scholarship Committee.
  5. Applicants must attach ALL required documents before the application can be considered for the award. Failure to submit all documents as requested may render the application null and void. Receipt of the application and documents do not automatically warrant that the scholarship has been awarded to the applicant. The applicant will receive written notification of the scholarship offer.
  6. Decisions to award the CEO Scholarship, PRESIDENT Scholarship, SANTESH Scholarship or others will be decided by the Scholarship Committee. A student may write in to the committee for consideration if a scholarship/ award is not given and all appeal will be treated fairly, but the decision of the appeal from the committee will then be final.
  7. Once an applicant has indicated acceptance of the scholarship, he or she must be enrolled as a full-time student for the entire length of the programme(s) as stated in the Letter of Offer.
  8. The current year’s trial/ forecast results can be accepted for application for the scholarship/award. However, the Scholarship will be conditionally awarded with the forecast results until the official/ actual results are produced.
  9. The official/ actual results must meet the original results submitted for the initial scholarship consideration; otherwise, the scholarship will be downgraded to the next level or forfeited. If the official/ actual results exceed the original results submitted for the initial scholarship consideration, the applicant is given an opportunity to apply for a scholarship/ award of a higher value (if not already at the maximum value), which if approved, will take effect from the next semester onwards. In all situations, there will be neither a refund nor top-up (whichever applies) required on the tuition fees paid.
  10. The scholarship/award schemes are neither transferable nor exchangeable for cash or other alternatives. In the event a student decides to discontinue his or her studies, the scholarship will be forfeited and the student is required to pay back the waiver given.
  11. Students must take a “full-load” of subjects every semester. The scholarship will be terminated upon completion of the normal prescribed study period specified by MTI College.
  12. The scholarship/award schemes are offered for first take of tuition fees only. Students are NOT allowed to defer semesters, unless in extenuating circumstances approved by the Admission Department (AD). Any costs for re-sits and re-takes (if any) must be borne by the student.
  13. To maintain the scholarship or award, students must maintain the following:
    Santesh Scholarship : CGPA ≥ 3.00
    President Scholarship : CGPA ≥ 3.00
    CEO Scholarship : CGPA ≥ 2.75
    Others : CGPA ≥ 2.75
  14. If a student fails to maintain the required score of CGPA, the award will be suspended in the following semester (with immediate effect, with or without notification to the student). The student must settle all fees in the semester where the award is suspended (“Suspended Semester”). Should the student meet the academic requirements for the Suspended Semester, the scholarship will be reinstated for the subsequent semester (provided the Scholarship Scheme is still valid), failing which the scholarship will be terminated. There will be no refund of fees for the Suspended Semester. The student must settle all fees in the remaining duration of study if he/ she choose to remain a MTI College student.
  15. The scholarship/award schemes cannot be offered in conjunction with any other scholarship and offers at the college. At all times, applicants/ students are entitled to accept ONE (1) scholarship or award scheme at the college.
  16. All scholarship & Award scheme recipients are required to:
    1. Attend the scholarship ceremony when requested.
    2. Contribute up to a maximum of 40 hours per semester of their time to assist the MTI College in promotional activities, peer counseling, extra-curricular activities and other administrative work as notified by MTI College. Failure to comply with such requests without reason/s acceptable to the college may result in suspension or termination of the scholarship.
    3. Refrain from posting damaging remarks (through any medium). Please refer to the student handbook for the procedure on grievances.
    4. Be model citizens at all times whether on or off campus.
  17. MTI College reserves the right to involve MTI College scholarship/Award scheme recipients in interviews, advertisement, photography or other publicity activities for the purpose of promoting the college. All product/s of these activities are the copyright of MTI College and can be used without prior written or verbal permission.
  18. The College reserves the right to vary or reverse any decisions and/ or terms and conditions relating to the scholarship scheme/s and award/s without prior written or verbal notice. All decisions made by the management of MTI College on matters not covered above are final and binding.
  19. The College reserves the right to decide on the number/ amount of scholarship/Award schemes to be awarded.
  20. The College reserves the right to terminate the scholarship/Award scheme if the student does not abide to the terms and conditions attached herewith.

I declare that all the information submitted on this application is correct and complete. I authorized the college to obtain official records from any educational institution that I have previously attended. I understand that the college reserves the right to vary or reserve any decision made on the basis of misleading, incorrect or incomplete information.

I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement, and I agree that it is a fair and binding agreement.

Note: Please sign a copy of this agreement after receive the scholarship from us.

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